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Why You’ll Love Color by Note Name Worksheets

Color by Note Name worksheets are my secret weapon. They’re game-changers for those times when schedules are disrupted or when the normal routine needs a little twist. I used to dread making sub plans, rehearsing small sections of difficult groups, and classes where students would arrive at different times. All of that has changed with this one little activity. Since I only use them occasionally, my students are always excited to see me bring them out. In fact, they’ve even started asking for them! Here are some more reasons why you – and your students – will love Color by Note Name worksheets.

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They make a great soft opener for group classes

I made my first batch of Color by Note Name worksheets for an after-school class I taught. The classroom we used was occupied up until the final bell rang, and then my students would trickle in, a few at a time, over the course of 10-15 minutes. I needed this time to prep, and tune instruments. My students wound up from being in school all day long, needed something they could work on individually to ease the transition. Enter Color by Note Name worksheets. The activity was just focused enough that my students worked quietly long enough to tune their instruments and take attendance. The biggest plus? My students were working on something that would improve their note reading once we all started playing together!

They are perfect for Sub-Tubs

I’ve always dreaded sub plans. There have been so many times that I’ve hobbled through a day of teaching just to avoid having to write up detailed sub plans. Now that I had Color by Note Name worksheets on hand, sub planning was a breeze. My sub-tub is stocked up with copies of the different seasonal variations of Color by Note Name worksheets that my students look forward to doing when they have a sub.

They are great for keeping a large group occupied while you rehearse individuals or smaller groups.

When I must listen to individuals play for assessment, or when a section in band or orchestra needs extra focus during class time, I’ll often pull out the Color by Note Name worksheets. This keeps the rest of the group quiet and focused on a relevant, skill-building, activity while I can get in some more individualized help for those who need it. This is especially useful with 1st-year groups, where the development between sections often happens at an uneven pace.

They’re a novelty!

I mean, who doesn’t like a good coloring page every now and then? Even older kids, who do less and less coloring activities as their schoolwork gets more specialized, appreciate a throwback. I like using Color by Note Name worksheets for the last class before a break, or for the week after a concert. Mixing things up makes for a fun transition between projects.

They’re perfect for take-home packets and independent learning.

Since the directions are so simple and straightforward, students who have basic skills in decoding the staff, or who read notes in dedicated hand positions for piano, will be able to complete these worksheets independently. Holiday variations can be sent home over school breaks in a take-home packet or for a student who is taking an extended leave from school due to health or travel. The Color by Note Name resources in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop have been recently updated to have the answer key in a separate file, allowing for digital sharing with students during distance learning!

Color by Note Name worksheets have changed the game for me. Have you had a chance to give them a try yet? What sort of other activities do you use with your students in these situations? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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